10 Steps To Marry A Millionaire

Here are a few select people out there who still believe that love like the one in The Notebook truly does exist. Most individuals though, come to the realization that instead of finding a soul mate, life can be just as satisfying meeting somebody they can tolerate. Of course it’s much easier to tolerate a person when they have a 2nd home in Acapulco to go with their 3rd home in Aspen. There are definitely some sacrifices to make if you plan on marrying a millionaire but these ten steps will help you find true stability, which is the next best thing to true love.

This is not to say that falling in love with a millionaire is fictional, however if you want to secure yourself financially and don’t mind forgoing love to do so then this is a list for you. It may not be a surefire way of nabbing a rich man, but it’s a good place to start if that is your plan in life. There are many ways you can get yourself millionaire ready, like keeping up appearances and broadening your field of interests. The millionaire will doubtfully just fall into your lap with an engagement ring in hand, so you might need to go on a hunt for him.

Millionaires are more than likely not hanging out in diners or driving down run-down roads like some romantic comedies depict when the guy meets the girl. You will most likely have to hang out where they spend time and make sure you stand out but not in a bad way. Although they should be interested in you for who you are, if you tend to portray a negative attitude or stand out for the wrong reasons the millionaire is most likely going to look right past you and focus his attention elsewhere. So if you want some guidelines on what getting millionaire-ready entails, here are a few pointers.

10. Start Young: Easier to Provide a Family

Whether it is politically correct or not, most millionaires can have their pick of the litter for potential spouses. A person has a better chance at marrying a millionaire in their 20’s instead of their 50’s. Many extremely wealthy people also would like to eventually start a family to pass on their family legacy to so a partner that can bare and care for children is more ideal in their eyes.

9. Make the Most of Your Looks: It Prevents Gossip

Part of being wealthy involves attending galas, fundraisers, and other events that are represented as status symbols in their social circles. While most millionaires are confident in their own values, they likely want to avoid gossip from their peers at all costs. This can be avoided by being seen with a partner who is attractive and at least perceived their equal as far as looks go. With a wealth of resources at their disposal such as a personal chef and stylist, a millionaire’s spouse can eventually get into shape and clean up their looks but it takes looking sharp in the first place to attract their attention.

8. Go to Places Where Millionaires Hang Out: Country Clubs and Fundraisers

In order to marry a millionaire it would probably be a good idea to meet one first. This might not be easily accomplished at the local $.25 beer tap tavern but country clubs, spas, and racquetball courts present a great opportunity for a chance meeting. Going to newsworthy local events such as a fundraiser or a business grand opening also lead to better opportunities to hobnob with a future millionaire spouse.

7. Learn Activities of the Wealthy: Golf and Polo

After a person eventually comes in contact with their wealthy potential date, it’s important to have a good understanding of activities that rich people might partake in. It’s not saying somebody has to be a golf expert or know all the nuances of polo but having a general knowledge of these activities provides great rapport. The more wide range that a person develops the more interesting they become to not only the wealthy, but to others in general.

6. Become Educated about Money, but Don’t Always bring it up
piggy bank with graduation cap

The elephant in the room when interacting with any rich person is obviously money. While you shouldn’t bring up money constantly, it’s important to know about things having to do with cash. Instead of staring at the wall, offering good conversation and counterpoints about stocks, investments, interest rates, etc. will have the wealthy person engaged in you and then maybe you can eventually get engaged to them.

5. Don’t Talk About Money: Be Humble

It’s kind of a contradiction to know about money but not talk about it but if you’re constantly bring up the subject, it may drive the millionaire away. Wealthy people usually become financially sound by being smart with their money and because of this they’re constantly guarded of their fortune. Every investment opportunity is met with anxiety about a scam and every encounter with the opposite sex leaves the wealthy person wary of ulterior motives. Only talk about money when the millionaire brings it up and even offer to pay for dinner or drinks to prove that you have your own resources.

4. Stand Out for the Right Reasons: Draw them to You

A millionaire is often used to being the center of attention but if you can somehow draw them to you it represents a power shift. There are ways besides stunning beauty to stand out for the right reasons including being an engaging story teller, a fearless karaoke singer, showing off a friendly-to-all personality, and much much more. Alternatively, you usually don’t want to be known as the passed out in the corner person, the ‘too-soon’ joke teller, or the bar fight girl or guy. Along that same token you don’t want to be invisible either.

3. Look for the Right Kind of Millionaire: Find Similar Values

Money is obviously important but you should be searching for a millionaire with similar values. If you’re a party person you might want to look for the playboy inheritor rather than the long hour workaholic millionaire. Likewise a millionaire who has built their business from scratch and is focused on a career likely won’t take weekday trips to Maui or purchase a Maserati on a whim (which doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t.) Don’t try to change the millionaire and instead be proactive in looking for one where you can start a family with if that’s your goals or purchase a Maserati on a whim with, if that’s what you’re in to.

2. Don’t let their Wealth Trump a Bad Attitude: Don’t Accept Rude Behavior

So you’ve finally met a millionaire but they constantly cheat on you, go days without contact, and they belittle you in public; is this the type of life you had envisioned yourself with as a human being? If you don’t have self-respect, money is worthless. Many wealthy people have had everything handed to them in their life and are basically incapable of showing compassion to others. That’s not the type of person you want to marry and more importantly, not the kind of environment you want to bring children in to.

1. Try to Fall in Love: Find Someone You Can’t Live Without

Ideally you’ll meet a person who you are attracted to, compatible with, and share hour long conversations without skipping a beat. In a perfect world you’ll find out down the line that this person has established themselves and are set for life but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Remember to not marry somebody you can live with, but instead somebody you can’t live without.

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